Monday 12 December 2011

Bavarian 6th Light Infantry - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the highly dependable 6th Light Infantry battalion, attached to Wrede's 2nd Division .. which marched on a long slog to make it to the battle of Wagram in 1809.

Being only a single battalion, we get 1 base plus a skirmisher base. Figures by warrior miniatures. The 6th Light, I have given yellow facings here after a little research.

It is a difficult one to get spot on correct, as 1809 sees many of the regiments in the Bavarian army undergoing the all-to-common uniform transition, with many regiments changing their facing colours during this period. Yellow looks good on these guys anyway.

The Bavarians have their own unique uniform, having side lapels on the front of the jacket, and a distinctive Raupenhelm helmet. National cockade on the left side of the helmet - blue on white - can be seen here.

Ooops - Looks like I missed the cuff tabs (or whatever they are called) - I assume they are to be jacket colour then, in the French fashion ? Back in the painting queue for this unit for a touch up.

Being a light infantry unit, I have mixed the figures around a bit to give a slightly irregular look. Packs, no packs, different poses .. all good.

Officer here wears a silver sash, in the Prussian / German tradition.

Advancing to meet the enemy. Of all the various nationalities in the warrior napoleonics range, these Bavarians I would rate as their best figures.

A lot more plausible animation, slightly larger (by a fraction of a millimeter perhaps), and clearer casting details. An absolute gem of a figure for the money.

Continuing the tradition for the Bavarian troops - a flag base with the unit ID marked on the underside of the base .. white base coat of paint, and do all the details in textas.  Slightly over the top gilding and bolts seen here only add to the effect.


  1. Very nice, like the black and white pic!

  2. Looking good! The Bavarians were the first allied army I did, to give my French a little color and variety.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Aside from the painting, I am doing some semi-pro computer work in 3D modelling and CGI animation for films. Bug learning to cut through yet, but it opens some interesting possibilities to mix the 2 arts together.

    How cool would it be to use miniatures photos like these, and add in CGI animation to construct miniature movies with some real action ? Thats about 12 months off at this stage, but Im looking forward to it.