Tuesday 6 December 2011

Austrian IR 58 - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the legendary Austrian Infantrie Regiment Nr 58, who fought as part of Nordman's Advanced Guard Division at Wagram, 1809.

2 bases of line infantry, figures by warrior miniatures. Another German regiment - white trousers in this case, and for something completely different, we have black facings for this unit.

Once again, I have gone for the regimental facing colour on the drum body as well.
Pretty standard fare on the white uniforms. All white, with white belts is probably a little harder than it looks.

I start with a grey primer, and then do the whole uniform in white. After drying for a day, the whole model is then hit with black glaze, which darkens the creases, and tints all the white material a light gray colour.

Finally, after that glaze coat is dry, highlight in white again, and mark in all the cross belts and other equipment in white. A little more time consuming than it looks, but I like the final result.

Other than that, these remain an easy model to paint - all the other details are boldly sculpted and easy to access.

Still experimenting here with a variety of (incorrect ?) colours for the officers and NCO's sashes. I have found various references to all sorts of combinations, although many of those references are far from definitive.

I have since settled on red sashes with gold vertical threads through the sash.

Still not sure what the correct regulation sash colour is though ... but experience suggests that what happens in the field isnt always what was written in the regulations, so these guys are going into battle as is.
Here we have IR 58 brigaded together with some battalions of the Vienna Woods Landwehr and the 7th Jagers - other units from the same Division that fought alongside IR 58 at Wagram.

Nothing like having a few interesting flags in the front line - this brigade has 3 !! including 2 rather unofficial flags.

Another early effort at adding unit ID's under the base ... starting to get fancier now with the Austrians.


  1. I keep waiting for an Austrian unit where you say, "and here is the utterly mediocre IR #11, collected their pay and did as little as they could get away with!",Steve, LOL.

    BTW, for the Regular Infantry at least, the regulation sashes for officers are are yellow and black (often depicted in illustrations as a sort of yellow and silver, though, as with this unit). Those are of course the Hapsburg colors, and this sash was the universal mark of commissioned rank in the Regular army.I doubt that there was much variation in this particular item. Now, as for the Landwehr, that is another matter altogether - only the Erzherzog Karl Legion (who were volunteers) was allowed to have their officers wear the same sash as the Regular army. The Landwehr officers probably did use provincially colored sashes, at least at times, such as the red/white/red of Austria, or Green and Silver for Styria, etc.

  2. haha, good one :)

    IR 11 are in the queue to be published actually - they are all done, just releasing regiment of the day's now on a daily schedule ... so I will make sure that IR 11 has that exact description before I post them.

    Good idea !

    As you can see, Im doing them in batches at the moment, so there is little to separate the descriptions of the Austrian regiments, except for the use of a different adjective each time around.

    The thesaurus is getting a good work out anyway :)