Friday 16 December 2011

Bavarian 2nd Division - Wagram 1809

Division of the Day

Today, lets put together all of the units in Wrede's 2nd Bavarian Division, and see how they stack up on the battlefield.


  1. A fine force to fight for the glory of King Max, and the Emperor of Battles!

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed putting this unit together. Its a shame the other Bavarian units in 7 Corps never marched to Wagram to fight with them.

    The rest are sitting in lead mountain still, so I should paint them up as well I suppose.

    Apologies for the lack of text on this one - I will fill that in tomorrow, including tactical notes on how to play this Division. I actually posted a whole pile of articles - just the piccies, and no text, at the beginning of the month and scheduled one to go off every day.

    So December 2011 is covered till the end .. I just need to make sure they all have some text in them though. Ooops !

  3. Text is time consuming, Steve, as I well know! You'll need more Bayerlisches for Abensburg, Eggmuhl, Neustadt, etc anyway...