Saturday 17 December 2011

Saxon Infantry Brigade von Müffling - Jena, 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the Saxon Infantry Brigade von Müffling, comprising the Hahn Grenadiers, Hohenlohe & Sanitz Musketeers ..  which fought as part of Grawert's 1st Division, under Hohenlohe's Southern army group.

Infantry Brigade von Muffling - 5 bases of line infantry made up of battalions from the Hahn Grenadiers, Hohenlohe & Sanitz Musketeer regiments. Figures by Eureka Miniatures - from their 300 club.  These are 18mm scale to fit in with the excellent AB line of miniatures .. and fit in well they do !

Had the same problem here that I had with the other Saxon brigades - ie. a mix of different regiments, and therefore different facing colours. For battlefield practicality, I have used a consistent facing colour for each brigade, and a matching flag of course. These guys got yellow facings. Note that the collars and turnbacks remain red for all units though.

Truly fantastic looking figures that paint up very well. I love the way the white came out, which is not the easiest thing to paint. I just block the whole uniform white, stain with vallejo black glaze, and then highlight in white again. Works great for me !

View from the rear - you can see the red turnbacks and collars again here. I like sticking an NCO with a spontoon in the rear rank to keep the scoundrels in line.


  1. Good looking troops! I didn't know about the collars and turnbacks staying red for all regiments in this era; interesting. As I mentioned previously. I really like the designs of the Saxon standards, each regiment having it sown unique pattern and colors for the border.

  2. Interesting there Peter ... checked again, and it may be a case of conflicting sources. This French language site for example shows the opposite :

    1806 Saxons - Collars in facing colour, turnbacks in white. (But what would French sources know of this period anyway ? haha)

    Other sources concur with that. I used a different source for mine obviously, here are some examples :

    Blue facings, red collars :

    Yellow facings, red collars, white turnbacks :

    Matching collars and facings, with white turnbacks .. same artist

    Mixture of black or red collars, with green or pink facings .. same artists (all with white turnbacks) :

    I really like those Hess paintings for period feel !

    Note also the excellent light blue jackets, which appear to be a priviledge of the NCOs / Officers. I used that one for the 'Pelet Scharfschutzen' as a whole elite unit.

    I know everyone's google results are different for the same search ... but at least with my google searches now, if I do an image search for "saxon facings 1806" .. then the first pages are flooded with my own photos - LOL. (Wrong or Right - they come up as being the definitive reference, at least for me).

    Got to love the internet as a source for definitive reference information ! Hopefully my lasting legacy wont be to have corrupted an entire future generation of miniature collectors with my sometimes loose interpretations of history :)

    Which reminds me - I really must finish off that model I am working on, of a Russian SU-35 twin side-by-side cockpit model fighter bomber in RAAF markings. (Looks pretty much like the F-111 we are scrapping soon). I was hoping to finish it off and give it to my friends at DMO ( as something to place in their reception area !

  3. I suspect the issue of the collars may be the "stocks" worn around the neck on these relatively antiquated (for 1806) styles of uniforms; I'll have to check the plates and text in Knotel, which may shed some light on the subject.

    One thing about uniforms, as you well know... regulations certainly weren't necessarily reality!

  4. Very nice figs! Be careful Napoleon!

  5. The brigade von Müffling was completely Prussian, not Saxon...

    Figures look great, though!