Sunday 23 October 2011

Sodom and Gomorrah

DBA of the Day

Another cupboard find ... an unfinished project.

A 'strictly historical' DBA army, the perfect enemy for the early Hebrew army.

Whats in the Box ?

Generic nude ancients from the 15mm Museum Miniatures range - available from our good friends at Eureka Miniatures (Australia)
Sodomite General wearing Spartan helmet (and not much else). Madness ? This is Sodom !
'Lightly Armoured' Sodomite pike phalanx forms the main body of this army, with Psiloi at the front.
Its always a good idea to anchor the flank of your Phalanx next to a terrain feature - thats what rivers are for.

From their 'Sister City' of Gommorah ... tatooed women warriors take on the evil men of Sodom. The Gommorah army relies on a large body of angy warband, and an elite element of massed bows.

Gommorahite Bow-women, and a couple of Psiloi up front to distract the Sodomite ranks. Bows are the best weapon you can use against a Phalanx. If the pikes get in contact though, its tough going.

The whole Gommorah army arrayed for battle.


  1. Hmm, I think I'm glad you decided to forgo the you-tube link for this army. And as to the sodomites bearing pikes opposing the Gomorrans...nah, not even going to go there, LOL!


  2. Lol, thanks again.

    Its tempting to mention with the sodomites that under the DBA rules, having pikes in the rear rank can add +3 to the combat factor .... but figured that may raise more questions than it answers.

  3. Gorgeous armies. Love the theme lol! ;))