Sunday 23 October 2011

New Kingdom Egyptian Army

DBA of the Day

Today we have an NKE 15mm army that I have rescued from the storage cupboard.  I have a small number of these in storage, and thought its a good time to get some sunlight on them once again.

Its a very fun and educational period to model, as I hope these photos demonstrate.

This is the New Kingdom Egyptian Army, which by the looks of it is an unfinished project. Will have to finish this one off before too long.

On to the pictures :

All figures in this army are from Chariot Miniatures. Still in production - must get some more to finish off the Chariots.

They also have a range of 15mm Semi-Historical Egyptian ... including a Pharoah in Chariot drawn by sabre tooth tigers !

Image hot-linked from

!!! Got to get me some of them !!!

Composition of the NKE Army , according to whatever DBA lists I had at the time. Most of the figures are there for this lot.

2 Elements of Heavy Infantry Spear - presumably guards of some type.
Massed Bows (4Bw) ??
Sea-Peoples - Egypt's Legion Etrangere recruited from the sea going folk from the mouth of the Nile.
Single element of heavy infantry - 4Blades  (fearless temple guards with bronze tipped halberds). You can see from the paintjob that its typical 90s blacklining ... yet to discover the joys of vallejo glazing medium back then.
Single element of Psiloi (Light Skirmishers)

So ... it looks like I need some more Chariots to finish this one. Chariots from Chariot minis ... of course.

Will also have to get some of thos semi-historical Egyptians as well.

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