Sunday 23 October 2011

Hittite Army

DBA of the Day

Another cupboard find ... a Hittite Army for DBA.

Whats in the Box ? Lets find out :

The Hittite Empire hails from the area known as Anatolia - modern day Turkey. Quite a power in their time, as explained by this excellent video series here :

As a biblical era DBA army, this is another one that is very Chariot strong. Lots of light Chariots, and a couple of Heavy Chariots, including General element.

Did I mention I like Chariots ?

Anyway, whats in the box ? Lets have a peek.
According to the DBA list - mostly chariots, with a few light foot elements,and some Auxillia.  I am pretty sure all the figures in this lot are Essex.

General element in Heavy Chariot ... conquering the Ancient World. Looks to have Bronze chainmail of some type.

More heavy chariots (3 crew)

A fast group of light chariots (2 crew)

Skirmisher screen - Psiloi

I guess these are spear or Auxillia. Not sure ....

Ah - the Royal Guard .. Auxillia.

Another Chariot shot. Gotta love Chariots.

The whole Hittite army arrayed for battle. That is a LOT of Chariots.

Reading up more on the Hittites, I find that they had Winged Lions to guard their city gates !

Another HoTT expansion in the works then .....

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