Sunday 23 October 2011

Aztec / Mexican Army

DBA of the Day

Another cupboard find. Today we have an Aztec / Ancient Mexican army rescued from obscurity in the cupboard.

Whats in the box ?

Box contents - a nicely organised DBA army for Ancient Mexico.

An incredible series of civilisations existed in South America in times long past. Modelling the armies of this period is an equally intriguing process.

Elements of massed bow.  Not much available in the way of references for uniform colours in this period, so I guess ... its throw on as many primary colours as you can get your hands on to capture the colourful feel of these troops.

A large number of Auxillia in this army - armed with all sorts of interesting weapons. Fast, light and hard hitting, Auxillia are very useful troops in rough terrain.

Mummified Ancestor - as was the custom in these armies to bring out significant personages to the battlefield (dead or alive !)

Camp element - porters on foot ?

3 elements of Heavy Infantry / Blades. Dressed in suits of various kinds, for Jaguar Warriors, and Eagle Warriors. Hard hitting shock troops. The 'swords' they use are heavy wooden clubs embedded with Obsidian teeth for cutting through armour. Nasty and effective.

Mexican armies are all foot - large armies with a lot of fast troop types ...

... and missile troops.

Same troops - different angle :)

Another shot of the bows.

The whole army arrayed for battle.

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