Sunday 23 October 2011

Simulating Metal - does it scale ?

Tip of the Day

This is an interesting one. My girlfriend is currently working on a project that .. amongst other things ... involves building a big metal cog to ... do something with.

So we thought we would have a look outside of the normal schools of thought in fine art, and see what the world of miniature armour and aircraft modelling could offer.

What works really well on 1/35th tanks - would it work on a full scale thing ?

She tried it, and here is what happened :

The conventional wisdom when modelling metal is to undercoat in matte black, and build up through the browns to get it lighter and lighter. Finally dry brush with silver.

Works with miniatures.

Acrylics for the undercoating and rust - metal portion is using silver  petroleum based wax, rubbed on in successive layers with a soft cloth.

Big 'Metal' ring made out MDF. Painting technique here is pretty much the same formula as used by model armour builders.
Wow - works really well.
The rusted sections have sand in the base coat, and then dry brushed up to a lighter reddish brown before silver dry brush. Note that the edges of the rust have a lighter ring ...

Brilliant !

Not the best photo - camera movement, grrr.
I reckon that looks like worn metal, for sure.
Very impressive. Lot of work on this piece so far, but really super happy with the result.

Technically, she has really reached out on this one, and done a great job.

Im looking forward to having a go at 28mm - 54mm singles at some stage to use this effect on metals - medieval knight or some such thing in plate armour.

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  1. If you hadn't of said I would have thought it was metal!