Sunday 15 July 2012

French Brigade in Greatcoats

Tour de France - Stage 13

Here is the 2nd Regiment of French Ligne in Greatcoats ... paint is still wet on the basing !!  Only just made it.

2 Regiments, each of 3 Battalions.  Aligned here in Columns of Division by Regiment.

No 2 greatcoat shades are exactly alike here.  Not that hard though - a wet palette is your friend. I prefer the pringles lid approach, and have never looked back since.

Brigade in 2 waves, with all skirmisher companies deployed.

Starting to look like a Napoleonic army now ... thats only a small number of troops, but it does look reasonably impressive already (I think)

On the battalion bases, I am only labelling the lead battalion of each regiment - in this case the '6/2' notation means '6 Division, 2eme Ligne Regiment'.

This code is the string entered into the computer (for computer moderated gaming), to identify which unit is which.  So if the computer says '2nd Battalion of 6/2 will retire', then its still obvious which base we are talking about, without cluttering the table with too many labels. That will work, and it has the added benefit of making the players keep their brigades / regiments in some sort of logical order.

Actually .... on the subject of Computer Moderated rules ... I have a crazy idea that I would like to try implementing if I get time.  In playing with CM rules, it becomes evident that you can add a ridiculous amount of bookkeeping without slowing the game down. And then it dawned on me ... that if done properly, you can smooth out the turn sequence, and effectively get rid of the whole concept of turns and phases altogether.

Place orders at any time, and just have a continuous smooth queue of events that the players need to respond to and take action with.

Just some loose ideas at the moment, but I want to have a play with the concept of integrating a sort of hybrid teal time approach for the tabletop. I think it will work .. more on that later.

Tomorrow for the TdF .. I am aiming to layout a Division.  Lets see how that goes.

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