Sunday 1 July 2012

French 5th Hussars

Tour de France - Stage 1

Following along with the bike race of the same name - a 3000km race all across France, through every single village and up every single mountain pass ..... equates to a lot of late night streaming video watching here in Australia.

Reasonably important down here in Australia, as one of 'our' blokes is defending the yellow jersey for the first time, so its a must watch for all of us.

A perfect excuse then to build up stock levels for the French Forces at Leipzig 2013, whilst staying up late every night to tune in on the race.

Stage 1 of the Tour is typically a short prologue event - a 6km time trial at sprint pace.

What better way to equate that short but fast dash of an event in miniature ... a Squadron of dashing French Hussars !

You can follow the real race HERE each day at cyclingtipsblog for more 2 pedalled mounted warrior action.

Simple prologue to the French forces build - a single squadron of the 5th Hussars.

15mm, figures by warrior miniatures.

Leopard skin saddle cloth - a stylish forerunner of the Leopard-Trek team perhaps ?

Napoleon himself was there to attend the opening ceremony of the rollout of French forces for the Leipzig2013 Build.

French Hussars Facings

Regt Dolman Collar Cuffs Pelisse Breeches Lace
1st sky blue sky blue red sky blue sky blue white
2nd brown brown sky blue brown sky blue white
3rd grey grey red grey grey red
4th blue blue red red blue yellow
5th sky blue sky blue white white sky blue yellow
6th red red red blue blue yellow
7th green red red green red yellow
8th green red red green red white
9th red sky blue sky blue sky blue sky blue yellow
10th sky blue red red sky blue sky blue white
11th blue red red blue blue yellow
12th red sky blue sky blue sky blue sky blue white
13th brown brown sky blue brown sky blue white

Note: The regiments all had black plumes, with the 6th's having a red tip, the 9th's a white tip, the 10th's a red base and the 12th's a yellow tip.


  1. Hello, I recently started following your blog. Great job on those Warrior miniatures. Unfortunately their web page has few pictures, but your blog more than makes up for it.

    1. Thanks Dave,

      I have a few more Warrior minis left in the left mountain pile, with some other bits of their range that I am yet to try out.

      It is pretty hard to find pics of their figures online though .. so that was part of the motivation for throwing this blog together. Although they are a bit smaller than most, I do like their chunky and solid casting .. nice and robust for the gaming table. I particularly like a lot of their cavalry too.

      If you do place an order with them - have a dig through some of their other bits which are hidden away under 'gallia' on their site. Some bargain bits and pieces of scenery there for doing up baggage and camp elements.


    2. Yes I have explored their site many times to do some window shopping. At about 50% total cost to ship to the U.S. I have to really save my pennies for an order.

    3. Eeeks ! 50% It used to be 20% for surface and 40% for airmail. I notice Royal Mail has shot up quite a bit lately.

      Warrior used to have free postage at GBP 90 as well - thats shot up to GBP 150. Ouch.

      Its probably worth going for the quantity break still, as you do get a lot of figures for the money - remembering that they are 12 per pack, and even cheaper with the army pack deals You could always dump the surplus on ebay ... they seem to fetch decent money on ebay if you get lucky.

      Personally, I like putting in regular small orders of a few packs here and there rather than 1 larger order. Ah well - such is progress, and I suppose it means that the figures we already have go up in 'value' each time there is a price increase. One would hope so anyway :)

  2. I do love Napoleonic Hussars, and the French ones in particular. Nice job on the Faux leopard skin on the officer's saddle, Steve!

    1. Thanks Peter, the old leopard spots work every time.

      Which reminds me - I really must finish off those 28mm Lancashire Prussian Guard as well .. they are stalled in the painting queue at the moment, and coming out nice.

      I notice that Mal Wright (who lives just up the road from me) has a stack of old glory 28s still in the original packaging, and has some very good prices on the lot.

      I am seriously tempted to do some old school 28s strictly for playing Chef de Battaillon - at 1:5 scale, I reckon that would be a blast.