Saturday 16 June 2012

Von Kochitsky Karabiniers

Regiment of the Day

Getting on with posting my monster backlog of forces

Some 1806 Saxon Heavy Cavalry - Karabiniers von Kochitsky.

These are around 5 squadrons at full strength, attached to Zechwitzs 2nd Division (Saxon), part of Hohenlohes Army  Group South.

In Republique scaling ... that comes out to 1 base of Cavalry. Yay !

It was the Southern army group that ended up getting smashed at Jena by several combined French Corps.  By all accounts, the Saxons had a favorable position on the flank, and came out of the engagement in better shape than the Prussians.

The Saxons managed to extract themselves from the battlefield in good order, never once falling to pieces in the same fashion as the less fortunate Prussian brigades.

Napoleon was so impressed by the Saxons, especially their heavy cavalry, that he went out of his way to sign up Saxony in an alliance and incorporate their forces into the Grande Armee, where they continued to serve with great distinction pretty much up to the end in 1813.

As always .. my history lesson is probably a little off there, but that interpretation makes for a ripping yarn if ever there was one.

These figures are Eureka's home brand ... which I reckon are every bit as good as ABs.

I actually prefer them to ABs as well in a lot of the figures.

Sculpted by the talented Alan Marsh ... who incidentally I find out is a fellow cyclist ! 

Chapeau ! 

Turns out there are quite a few brothers of the pedal amongst the sculpting fraternity, which is interesting in itself.

Good news is that in order to bring my Saxons up to Empire scaling,

Im going to be needing quite a lot more of the cavalry figs ... and more time to paint them all.

With each new unit that gets completed, it seems that the finish date for the project gets further and further away. Wouldnt have it any other way :)

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