Saturday 16 June 2012

Army of the White Citadel

Horde of the Day

Every 3,333 years .. the planets align in such a way as to bring into existence a gateway to an ethereal Kingdom known simply as -

The White Citadel

From this White Citadel come warriors who are true of heart, and as brave as lions.

They fight against injustice and oppression, righting wrongs and rescuing damsels in distress .... before the planets once again begin to un-align ... and whereupon the White Citadel fades away for another 3,333 years.

They have been known to appear during several famous conflicts, such as :
  • Pretty much any 18th Century battle
  • They were at the Berezina during Napoleon's retreat from Moscow
  • They appeared briefly at Jena to cover the withdrawal of the Saxons
  • They appeared in Berlin during the Kapp putsch, and convinced the Freikorps to head back to barracks.
  • They appeared at Rouke's Drift to save the Welsh Choir from being washed on the spears.
  • They opened the gates of Palermo to Garibaldi.

This is their story.

Leading the Advanced Guard of the forces of the White Citadel are the famous archers of honour.

Unknown brand ... part of a bundle of ebay finds.

The White Citadel foot guard.  This is the foot command group carrying the banner of the (somewhat yellow looking) White Citadel itself.

The Spearmen of the White Citadel, looking suspiciously like Teutonic foot, including the design of the banner.

The White Citadel Grande Masse of Foot - with Archers of Honour in support.

A Knight Element ... again looking remarkably like Teutonic Knights.

Painting these bought up a bit of a dilemma - prime light, and fiddle around for ages getting the darker colours in the recesses.

Or ...

Prime dark, and fiddle around getting the white cloth opaque enough over the dark background.

I went for a dark rusty coloured black sort of mix for the primer on all these. That made it very quick and easy to get 90% of the figures painted, with a light dry brush to bring up the armour.

90% of the time was spent on getting 10% of the light parts correctly lined and shaded.  Cant win either way :)

More Knights.

Figures here are from Dragon 15mm Fantasy range in the UK - sold as 'White Citadel Knights, etc'

The Army of the White Citadel taking shape.

So far thats
2x Kn
2x Sp
1x Shooter
1x Blade  (command)

What else can we add to get it up to 24 AP ?

More Knights !

... and another element of Knights !

... and the Paladin.

He is the guy in the yellow silk horse barding .. of course.

3x Kn
2x Sp
1x Shooter
1x Paladin

What else do we need ?

... The White Wizard and his Elven guide fits in well with the White Citadel theme, so in he goes.

And Pastor Humphries with his 2 pious nieces.

Here we have some flanking protection on both sides courtesy of the Famous Archers detachment  (which includes Stalin, Hitler, Leonard Nimoy and Russel Crowe)

.. add in an airship for support, and we have a nice balanced HoTT army.

Probably over points already, I have lost count at this stage

Room on the far left flank there for a BeastMistress with Goats as well. Just the thing for a White Citadel army. .. Till the next 3,333 year cycle, take care.