Monday 2 December 2013

Russian Musketeers (1812+)

Russian Musketeers (1812+)

Another quick one .. some left over warrior miniatures later Russians in Kiver, enough to make up 2 battalions.

Stats for these troops :

Troop Type:  I  (Line Infantry)

30% - Veteran / No Skirmisher
20% - Regular / No Skirmisher
50% - Conscript / No Skirmisher

Battalion Size:  
2 Bases (Vet / Regular)  
3 Bases (Conscript)

Deployment :  100-150 yds frontage 

Semi Skirmish: n/a
Full Skirmish:  n/a

StreetFight Rating: Excellent
Poor Musket / Powder:  Minor negative modifier for all shooting

Drill Book:
- March Column
- Closed Column
- Regimental Mass (2 Battalions as 1 single unit)
- Hasty Square

Additions to Drill Book for Veteran or Regular Only :
- Attack Column - Line
- Square 

Closed Column in Regimental Mass

A single battalion in closed column

2 Battalions fully deployed in line formation.

Single battalion in attack column waves.

Single battalion in square formation.

Whole regiment advancing in closed column at deployment distance ((so that each battalion can expand into line)


  1. Great series of posts, most interesting.

  2. Is that the actual Regimental name in Cryllic on the underside of the command base, Steve? :-)