Wednesday 8 February 2012

Regiment Picardie - France - Seven Years War

Regiment of the Day

Today we have another Seven Years War regiment - this time the French.  Starting from the list on Kronoskaf, No.1 French regiment is Picardie, so Picardie it is !

4 bases of line infantry advancing - figures by warrior miniatures.

The uniform is dead simple on these - white coat, white trousers, white gaiters, red waistcoat. Black tricorne, black cockade, yellow hat trim. Splendid looking unit !

Having said that, I dont find white uniforms the easiest things to paint, All blue would be dead simple, but white requires some very careful work to get the shading right.

So for these, its a white base coat, stain using vallejo black glaze to get the shading, and then a few highlights of very thinned down white on top after its all dry. 

Another detail that is a little hard to notice on these is the cuff buttons - This regiment is distinguished from other similarly dressed regiments by having 4 gold buttons on the cuff.

All the crossbelts and equipment on the French are natural leather - thank goodness its not white !

Final details on the drummer. A lot of French regiments have the drummer dressed in the Colonel's colours, and other 'Royal' regiments have drummers in the Kings Livery. This unit has the Kings Royal Livery for the drummer..


  1. The oldest Infantry unit in the French army, and looking very fine here. I love the simplicity of the 7YW French standards, all based upon the white cross.

  2. Vive la France et vive la Picardie!
    A very nice unit, waiting next ones!