Sunday 12 February 2012

Irish Infantry - Bulkeley - Seven Years War

Regiment of the Day

Today we have the Irish (in French Service)

Been looking forward to getting these on the table - a small unit of Irish volunteers under the command of Colonel Bulkeley.

3 bases of marksmen, including command. Figures by warrior miniatures.

This Irish regiment was raised on June 18 1690 from Irish soldiers who had followed James II to France.

During the War of the Polish Succession, the regiment served at Kehl in 1733, then on the Moselle and the Rhine in 1734 and 1735.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment took part to the invasion of Bohemia in 1742. It followed Maillebois in his retreat towards France in 1743. From 1744 to 1748, the regiment served in Flanders.

The regiment counted only 1 battalion. (but I have fielded 3 here ... coz I can !)

When the French infantry was reorganised in 1762, the regiment incorporated the disbanded Royal Écossais Infanterie on December 21.

In the house rules that I am using, there are basically only 2 types of standard infantry regiment - regular line, and marksmen.

The line regiments have 4 bases, and 1 firepower dice per base. The marksmen regiments have 3 bases, and 3 firepower dice per 2 bases.

Marksmen regiments are also allowed to break into loose order. unlike line regiments. 

In melee however, they fight as standard line regiments, so there is a disadvantage there against standard line regiments because of the lower numbers. 

(I also handle converged Grenadiers as well - but thats a story for another day)

Red jackets, green facings and waistcoat, green trousers, silver trim on the hat, and silver cuff buttons.

White gaiters complete the fashion statement.

Really nice flag too blending the French cantons with Irish symbols. Can't see it too well here, but this flag has a harp in the center, and royal crowns in each canton.

Natural leather equipment, just like the French. Pleased with the way the red turned out here - flat red, black glaze, and a watered down 70929 Amarantha red highlight.

A regiment of marksmen to save the day ... to be sure, to be sure.

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  1. The "foreign" regiments in the French royal army add a splash of color. IIRC the Irish and ? Swiss had red coats, and ? blue coats for the Germans (and maybe the Swiss if I'm wrong about the red for them).