Tuesday 31 January 2012

Prussia - IR 1 - Seven Years War 1756

Regiment of the Day

Something a little different today - some 7YW figures in 15mm ! This is my first attempt at 7YW or 18th Century in general, so I hope you enjoy them !

This unit represents an average sized line regiment of 4 bases, for use with my imagi-nation campaign.

The uniform is closely modeled on the Prussian Infantrie Regt Nr. 1 - Winterfeld.

Uniform in 1759 - Source: Engraving by von Schmalen, N├╝rnberg 1759

Red facings with a 3 pairs of white lace, white trim on the tricorne, and a white pom pom denote the unfiroms of IR Nr. 1.

The orange flag is straight from the Prussian design for IR 1. Figures by warrior miniatures, from their excellent '18th Century' line of generic figures.
Pre-production shot of the flag - at a height of 14mm for the flag, you can keep the details fairly minimalist and still have a great looking flag for the table. Again the advantages of hand painting the flags are - exact colour matching on the edges after you are done, and the use of metallic paint ... which is a little hard to do with printed material.

Details are pretty good on these castings - large exaggerated details, very easy to paint !
No fiddly packs to worry about with these, so nice and quick to get on the table.


  1. They look good... and you will doubtless be pleased to know that my knowledge of the 7YW is very limited; I painted up a small unit each of 25mm Garrison 7YW Prussian Musketeers and Cuirasiers about 20 years ago, and that's as far as it ever went!


  2. hehe - thats quite funny (that I would be pleased that your knowledge is limited in this area). Ah well - there are some very good references online for this period.

    Truly amazing resource here :

    That whole site is a brilliant use of the internet - much better investment of time on the part of the authors than some other sites out there. If only 1% of the dribble that appears on facebook could have been channelled into building great sites like kronoskaf instead .. the world would be a better place by far.

    I have a few more SYW units ready for blogging now - they are turning out to be quicker to paint than Napoleonics, and huge fun when they are finished. I think I will definitely be ordering a lot more of them. The generic 18th Century figures from warrior are really good ... and Eureka also has a brilliant range of SYW figures to fill in the gaps. Should be a fun project with no end.