Sunday 1 January 2012

Austrian Klenau Chevealeger - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the Klenau Chevealeger (light cavalry / light Dragoons), attached to the Austrian I Corps at Wagram in 1809/

1 base of Cheveau Legere -(light cavalry armed with carbines).  figures by warrior miniatures.

Standard white jackets, Austrian helmets, and light blue facings for this regiment.

Huzzah !


  1. First, I really like the way you paint your grey horses, as with the trumpeter here. Figures look good, too!

    Trumpeters in the Austrian Cavalry usually had red crests on their helmets (or red plumes for the Hussars and Uhlans). Of course, this fellow may have lost his, and replaced it with a battlefield re-fit! Also, with a 2 figure unit, I can seen where you may NOT want to have 50% of them in red crests, where less than 2% of the men in the actual unit would have been so equipped!

    Finally, it is hard to imagine what the Austrian authorities were thinking of, by having the Dragoons in white coats and the Chevau-Legers in Green... except the ones that wore *white*, i.e., CR #3, 5 (shown), and 6! Oh yeah, the Dragoons had *white* metal buttons and the Chevau Legers *yellow metal buttons... that will really help distinguish them on the Field of Battle. Except then the 2nd and 7th CR had *white* metal buttons, too! WTF was up with that, LOL? At least they were two of the regiments wearing the dark green coats. Humpf!

    Clearly Kaiser Franz wasn't obsessed with the details of his army's uniforms in the way that Napoleon seems to have been, with all the official decrees specifying even minutiae of uniform details (which were then still often ignored, of course!)

    Happy New Year, Steve!


  2. Thanks for that comment - that made me laugh !

    Red crests is interesting - I have plenty of spare buglers, so one of those will go on a Div or Corps HQ stand with a red plume I think. Good call.

    Just got back from the beach here with fireworks and all that - nice night. Stangely large and blood red moon shining across the sea as well, made an interesting opening scene for 2012.

    You guys in the states are a few hours off seeing in the new year yet ... so enjoy !

    Thanks for all you comments this year Peter, they have been great. You have made an excellent contribution to this blog, much appreciated !

    For 2012, I should be able to keep up a decent pace with the painting - maybe not a new regiment every day, but should come close I hope.

    One small departpure from the painting will be a new project that Im working on. Its not ready for release yet, but it should prove very interesting to work on, and if all goes well ... it should become a very useful tool for gamers. In the next week or 2, I will let everyone in on what its all about.

    Happy New Year !

  3. Thanks, Steve. You have a great many creative ideas, and I've enjoyed being along for the ride. I think if we ever met in person, we'd get along well. Who knows, we've hosted guests from Oz twice at Historicon, and a trip to Australia is definitely in the eventual plans, but not in the next few years for sure!