Monday 26 September 2011

Hand Painted 15mm scale flags - Part 1 Saxony

Some handy tips on how to make your own flags using canvas sheet.

You can easily buy small books of A5 pads of canvas paper, already primed with white acrylic paint. These make great bases for building your flags on if you prefer the DIY approach over inkjet printed flags.

Here is an example of some flags I knocked up for my 1806 Saxons :

Saxon Infantrie Fahne

Cut strip 15/16mm wide, and mark sections that are 15/16mm wide, + 2mm for the flagpole.

Border strip in facing colour. (Note - painting the flag allows for an exact match on the facing colour).

Add in red sections - crown on the right, and centre of crest on the left.

Black and white on the corners of the flag, bit of white on the crest,

and the start of the scroll in blue. A bright medium blue is good.

Draw the crest out in parts, keeping the scroll even on each side.

A few more details in Black, and a few touches of white.

Very thin crossed red swords in the corners.

Gold for the outline of the royal crest, and nails for the flagpole.

More Gold details - Royal signet on the right hand side, and the frilly gold details on the Imperial Crest on the left.

More Gold - scroll work on the edges over the facing colour, and tiny crowns in the corners on top of the black.

That completes the Saxon flag. See Part 2 for Prussian Flags.

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