Monday 26 September 2011

Hand Painted 15mm scale flags - Part 3, The Finished Product

The advantages of hand painted flags on canvas over laser printed paper are many :

  • Exact match on the facing colours, much better than you will ever get from even the most expensive printer / paper combination.

  • Shiny metalic colours on your flags that really stands out.

  • A wonderful textured cloth finish, that folds beautifully when wet with PVA glue, and then dries to a tough and robust flag.

  • When folding, you can fold curves through the flag, without the 'creasing' effects that sometimes plague paper flags.

  • The edges, after drying, provide a solid, if thick surface that then holds paint well. Because the flag itself is painted, painting the edges then blends in seamlessly. Its extremely difficult to get this seamless effect on printed flags, where there is a small overlap at the edges.

  • They really do look like real flags, hand made in the traditional way. Computer printed flags can sometimes look like technological oddities when added to handpainted figures IMHO.
Finished Results

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