Saturday 3 August 2013

Russian 5th Jaegers - Eylau 1807

Regiment of the Day

Following up from the last set of 1812+ Jaegers, here are some of their earlier cousins from the 1789-1810 period.

During this period, the Jaegers had a different shade of green to the regular troops, and all facings (including pom pom colors, turnbacks and trouser stripes), were in regimental colour.

These guys make up the 2 battalions of the 5th Regiment of Jaegers.

Stats for the computer when using these guys :

Troop Type:  LI  (Light Infantry)

30% - Veteran / Average Skirmisher
20% - Regular / Average Skirmisher
50% - Conscript / Poor Skirmisher

Battalion Size:  4 full bases
(thats 12 figs at 1:60 scale)

Deployment :  200 yds frontage 

Semi Skirmish: 400 yds frontage, all companies
Full Skirmish:  n/a

StreetFight Rating: Average
Poor Musket / Powder:  Minor negative modifier for all shooting

Drill Book:
- March Column
- Closed Column
- Line
- Hasty Square
- Open Order


  1. I love thier quasi-civilian hats!

    1. Very cool outfits. I think these would easily pass as armed Leprechauns as well, if I ever want to use them in a medieval-fantasy game :)

    2. Armed Leprechauns? Quite right!

  2. I must confess to prefering these guys in their more colorful and unique uniforms to their dour 1810+ cousins. I too have the 5th Jagers in my army - hard to resist the light blue facings!

  3. Nice looking Jaegers and every time you show one of your completed units I want to rebase my army and organise it like yours.